English Curriculum Vitae

Maria OrfanoudakiMO
Born in Gavaloxori in Chania, Crete,The daughter of Penelope and George Orfanoudaki schoolteacher

And grandson of Efstathiou PEROULI  Members MP of Eleftherios VENIZELOS

She graduated from E.S.K.T. (School of Liberal Arts) of Athens and the Academic de la Grande Chaumiere of Paris.

In 1969, inFrance, she was granted the “Haute  international  de  lutece ” diploma and the painting medal.

She has applied herself to poetry as well. Some of her poems have been translated into French by Christine Noton.

In 1969, she was granted the “Haute  Internationale  de Lhtece” poetry prize.

In 1979 she was granted the Academia Italia gold metal and prize and in 1983 the Academiko d’Europa prize.

In addition she has given three anti-war conferences at the Athens’, Thessaloniki’s and Chania’s Town-Halls, subjected “Men and Women not wearing Military Uniform”.

She is ex-member of :

  1. Academica Europe
  2.  “Haute Academie Internationale de Lutece” of Paris
  3.  International Amnesty
  4.  International Woman’s Educative Federation
  5.  Academie Italia eith gold medal
  6. Greek Writer’s Society
  7.  Founding member of Greek Civilazation Literature and Arts association

Her paintings have been at Pictures Galleries near by those Renoir, Matis, Picasso, Gogen etc.

And, as Paul Petridis said (one of the greatest valuers in the world), she is the painter of the future. Until today, she has organized 28 personal exhibitions and she has participated in many other collective painting exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In 1971 she creates the House of Fashion of high sewing, named “ M.O ”, in Athens.

In 1981 she creates in Chania of Crete the  Atelier  of  P E A C E  which constitutes the certificate of her – until now – efforts.

From 1989 her despair and her anxiety for a Peaceful World lead her to a new way of Expression and Communication. She makes Videos-Films with a purely Anti-warlike character. All the Stage Production, the Montage, the Photography has been executed by herself !!!

In 1991 she released her First Televised program with the title Screams of M.O.” (Tashes, in greek) and My Wants of M.O.” with the collaboration of Channel KRITI – 1, Chania.

In 2002, she also gets candidate for the Prefectoral elections in Chania Crete.

At this time, she makes Musical Compositions. In all of her tries you can see the question of the place where the “ Divine ” and the “ Human” dimension in a world which has lost the elementary notion of  Divinity  and  Human.